One World Promoters’ Programme

Across Germany, more than 160 One World Promoters underpin our commitment to global justice and sustainable development, providing advice and creating networks among civil society organisations and initiatives involved in development policy and international work, and in initiating projects and campaigns that identify alternatives to help ensure a future-oriented society. In keeping with Agenda 2030, the One World Promoters are working to change perspectives, as the people of the global north must change their habits if we are to bring about a just future. One World Promoters expand knowledge and skills in the field of ecological and social sustainability – while also promoting political participation and the commitment of civil society.

The One World Promoters’ Programme is supported by Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Eine Welt-Landesnetzwerke in Deutschland e.V. (agl, Association of One World Regional Networks in Germany e.V.). There are 16 networks that operate the project – one in each of Germany’s federal states. As well as being deeply embedded in civil society, the programme is also in receipt of joint national–federal state funding. (Engagement Global supports the programme on behalf of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development).

The promoters specialise in eight areas, explained in more detail below:

Global Learning

As a teaching concept, global learning has transformative potential. It highlights ecological, economic, social, and political challenges around the world, and helps people to understand what roles they, as individuals, can play in dealing with them. It shows people their options in actively helping to shape society.
Agl’s Global Learning Forum brings together One World Promoters and facilitators  who work on developing and structuring Global Learning in Germany’s federal states. The idea behind it: developing our society via education, to ensure a good life for all.

Migration, Diasporas, and Development

Within this Forum, One World Promoters and facilitators work across Germany on issues of migration, development cooperation, diversity, anti-racism, and empowering migrant self-organisation.

Migration and diaspora within One World’s work, the dismantling of structural barriers, the opening of development policy structures, and the (social) inclusion of Black people, people of colour, and migrants are key issues for the Migration, Diasporas, and Development Forum. This is because sustainable development cooperation and a just society in which migration plays a key role can only be achieved together, with a rich variety of perspectives.

Participation and Civil Society

Two key prevalent questions for One World Promoters are: how can we motivate more people to get involved in civil society? And how can participation processes be shaped at the social and political levels? Agl’s Participation and Civil Society Forum provides information, documents, and examples of good practice, while also initiating participation processes at the Germany-wide, federal-state, and local levels.

Developing Regional Structures

The agl Developing Regional Structures Forum principally involves regional promoters. They have a unique responsibility within the One World Promoters’ Programme; working in the regions and municipalities, they reach out to people who have previously had little contact with One World’s central concerns. The Forum thus focuses on various aspects of regional work, such as approaches to structural development and expansion and the importance of town-country relationships in bringing about real transformation.

Eco-Social Consumption, Production, and Supply Chains

This Forum focuses on sustainable procurement, fair trade, businesses’ social and ecological responsibilities, and the intersecting issue of organic, regional, and fair production. The Forum’s goal is twofold: to help bring about sustainable, ecological, and fair economic practices and lifestyles in all of Germany’s federal states, and to initiate a change in thinking, both in the general population and at all levels of public administration. One key focus of the Forum is in strengthening fair-trade groups and retailers, as it is they who carry out campaigns on fair trade and on sustainable, thoughtful consumption.

International Cooperation and Partnership

The agl International Cooperation and Partnership Forum brings One World Promoters and other experts from the field together, such as those with experience of effective school partnerships or of internationally active NGOs. As a group, they discuss how partnership work and the sharing of experiences and ideas between North and South can remove obstacles and create the groundwork for success.

Environment, Climate, Raw Materials, and Development

In Europe, the climate crisis is an acute threat to the lives we are accustomed to – and this is even more acute for people in the countries of the Global South, where the consequences of the climate crisis are becoming ever more life-threatening, increasing pressures that cause flight and migration. Our educational work on development policy is thus based on UNESCO’s ESD for 2030 framework, advocating a way of life that remains within guiding ecological and social principles.
The Environment, Climate, Raw Materials, and Development Forum involves One World Promoters and education facilitators working on just these issues.

Social Media and Digitalisation

Digitisation has now found its way into all parts of our society, shifting people’s habits into digital space. The agl Department for Social Media and Digitalisation coordinates and networks One World Promoters and facilitators from civil society organisations working on international development. The organisations it works with are those already active on social media and digitalisation issues, and who are either seeking to become more involved in digital debates or who wish to expand their skills in this field.

Find an expert

The One World Promoters’ Programme would be impossible without the many people who are committed to globally sustainable and socially just development. With our Germany-wide search feature, you can find experts in your local area or in a specific field.


Several times each year, we publish a highlight flyer with a list of the One World Promoters’ most successful projects. You can find the latest issues here.

The projects initiated by our One World Promoters all around the country could not be more diverse: they develop and support actions and campaigns for a range of target groups, informing people young and old about climate change, postcolonialism, and economic crises, encouraging people to change their perspectives, and pushing forward One World’s work via advisory, networking, and qualification-building activities. We present a selection of successful projects here.